How To Eat Out And Still Lose Fat

Diets are easy when you can control exactly what you eat but we all enjoy going out and sometimes that involves food…

We know that sticking roughly in your calories is the most important thing followed by macros particularly protein, here are some options you can take…

  1. Enjoy it and forget about it

Seriously you can just go out have a tonne of food have a great time with your fiends have loads to drink and eat and just get back on the wagon the next day, this is fine

However you just have to align your expectations, are you about to cancel out the whole weeks worth of dieting for this one night, progress will be slower, will this “hangover” spill over to the next day and the binge continues

One bad meal won’t make you fat like one good meal won’t make you fit

2) Calorie Borrow 

You know that Saturday night is going to be full of calories, simply borrow calories from the days before and add it onto your “big night” a couple of hundred calories in the days  before and added to that night can give you that extra wiggle room to enjoy that night without giving over board 

Saying that, you will need to be more strict in the days leading up, will this compromise your training? 

You still need to track on that night out, yes you have given extra room but you still cant go totally overboard otherwise you will again ruin the whole weeks worth of dieting even the days where you cut calories 

3) Know where you're going and track it first 

If you go to a “regular” spot and you get the same meal every time, simply put the calories in before you go, then you can just re-adjust your day according to what you're going to have that night

4) Don’t eat

Simply go out enjoy the company and don’t eat, just hang out with your mates, this is totally cool if you have an important goal and you still enjoy the social time with your friends 

Yes you might get a little pressure form your friends but if its important to you they should understand 

There are a tonne of options when it comes to going out to eating or social time, pick something that suits you and gets you to your goal the speed you want to get there…

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