How Long Does It Take

How Long Does It Take…

How long does to take to gain muscle 

How long does it take to lose body fat…

Questions we all want definitive answers to be like most things it depends, here is a little insight of time frames though  

Fat Loss

In theory fat loss is pretty easy, stick to a calorie deficit for a long period of time, gradually tweaking your calorie and macro intake so your weight and fat drops until you get to your desired result…

Mange your sleep, stress and training and you will get there

In theory very easy

The hard part of fat loss is really them psychological part, stick to your diet with life stress, peer pressure, social pressure, mindset etc. its tough but can be done 

Relatively quickly too…

Sticking to a good diet you can see results in fat loss in as little as 4 weeks, generally that would be with a harsh deficit but still you will see the results 

The majority of fat loss phase vernally go between 4 weeks of harsh defects up to around 12-16 weeks of a steady deficit

Fat loss in generally quicker and easier than gaining muscle 

Muscle gain

Now this can get tricky, and in theory it’s a lot more complicated, your body is literally creating more tissue on your body, this take time consistency and adherence to the cause

With muscle gaining being more complicated, muscle gain passes are generally a to longer, minimum time would be 12-16 weeks all the way up to nearly 30 weeks of calorie surplus and the upper end of this time will just be based on your body image and your goals, (whether you want to have a hard time losing a lot of fat from a pro-longed muscle gain phase)

In short, results are a direct correlation to how well you stick to your diet and how good your diet is but generally 

Fat Loss phase 

4-16 weeks 

Muscle Gain phase 

12-30+ weeks

John Cunningham