Navigating The Sea Of Dieting

Dieting is tough there is no two ways around that if you're either gaining muscle or losing body fat it can be a mine field or for this analogy a rough sea 

Dieting can be made pretty simply if you're in a calorie deficit you will lose weight if you're in a calorie surplus you will gain weight, no matter what diet you're on 

No matter what story you get told the large (pretty much 99% of people) majority of the people on earth fall into this bracket and if you're not getting the result you want either weight gain or weight loss you're not in what you think is a deficit or surplus 

Thats the first hurdle… 

The honest truth, if you're not getting the results you want YOU are doing something wrong

Hit your calories (and if you can, your macros)

Diet’s unfortunately aren't as simple as just numbers and matching the food up it can go a lot deeper than that 

The relationship you have with your food, the relationship you have with your body all have a huge effect on the diet and your adherence 

Adherence to diet is the number one thing that will get you results, adherence over a long period of time 


The mental strength it takes too, stick to your bulk even though you know you're getting a little chunky around the edges and your self esteem goes down 


Losing body fat but you're always tired, you have no energy to workout, your desire to workout has gone and you're feeling flat, who wants to train in that state 

Or how about that week you where super stressed at home and at work, you got hardly any sleep you know your stress is high, and you didn't lose any weight that week even though you're in a calorie deficit

No one has probably explained how stress can lead to some water retention and when the stress goes you will just lose your water weight and you where still doing fat tissue even though the scales didn't budge 

These are some of the things that rarely get mentioned when it comes to dieting but have a huge impact on whether you will stick to it or not 

Yes number one calories are the most important thing, no matter how “clean” you eat you need to hit the right calories for your goal 

If you can hit your macros even better, better quality training, energy levels and recover 


Take a look at your relationship with your body and your food

Does your diet take into account these things and are you in the right frame of mind to take on the diet you want or even get the results you want 

Dieting shouldn't be taken lightly 

John CunninghamComment