Why Are You Over Thinking It?

If you could only do these things for the rest of your life 

You would get the results you want, no fancy supplements, no fancy food strategies, just good old fashioned hard work, commitment and a few things that really make a difference

They are:


Boring old subject but something so many people still don't get right, nutrition is deeper than just food choices they carry emotion and have a huge psychological impact which someone far more qualified can speak about. Saying that making smarter food choices and eating real food can have such a huge impact on your:





Not to mention for 99% of the worlds population it does really come down to calories in Vs calories out, manage that then you can really get results 


Hugely underrated, it seems like in this day and age sleep isn't a priority or sometimes its applauded to do all nighters at work, don't get me wrong there is a time and a place for graft but getting 3-4 hours sleep per night isn't optimal for your body 

A lack of sleep has a hugely negative effect on your recovery, your bodies ability to regulate hormones, your training and much more. If you're wanting serious results sleep should be as a priority as your training sessions and your nutrition 


In the same bracket as sleep, stress can be both good for the body and bad, good stress for your body like training still requires recovery and still produces some hormones the body doesn't want (cortisol) 

High stress environments like arguments, work even family can leave the body with massive hormone changes and produce more of the hormone cortisol, which in short is terrible to have elevated levels of keeps fat on are body and stops us from gaining muscle 

Limit your stress you will get quicker results 


Now this can be a huge topic but il just give you guys the most important parts 

Find a routine that suits your goals and training level 

Use good technique 

Add weight to the barbell over time 

Be consistent 

Training can be over thought, train hard, train smart and get the rewards 

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