The Fat Burning Zone 

We love this zone…

Well the public love this zone, I hate this zone 

The fat burning zone has been a buzz word that I had though went away but iv seen a few articles talking bout how we should all be doing exercises in the fat burning zone to burn more fat

This zone refers to your heart rate, depending on what website you look at the fat burning zone is roughly around 50-70% of your max heart rate 

If you stick around this zone you will be burning more fat

Here is why that is BS…

Firstly it comes form how your body uses energy, your bodies primary source of energy is carbohydrate

The body stores carbs as glycogen some in the liver the majority in the muscles, your body will use these stored carbs first before the fat on your body, think of it as petrol and you're the car

Regardless of your heart rate zone or the intensity of your exercise your body will always use it’s primary energy store before its secondary energy store (fat)

Fat can be used and will be used as energy but only after your glycogen stores have been depleted and you're not ingesting any from of carbohydrate 

The main reason why fat isn't used as a primary energy stores is simply its harder for the body to breakdown the fat back into sugar to be used as energy

(yes for fat to be used as energy it has to be turned back into a form of carbohydrate to be used for energy)

It simply is just isn't as efficient to turn fat into energy than turning stored carbs into readily available energy 

It really again as always comes down to calories in Vs calories out 

We hopefully should know that to burn fat on your body you have to be in a calorie deficit for an extended period of time 

If you're in a true deficit this will be the case, let’s not forget that the majority of people not getting results on a calorie deficit simply are not in a calorie deficit either they are under reporting on food going in (it’s actually well higher) or they are under reporting on the amount of energy going out (it’s actually much lower)

Your body will then have depleted glycogen stores during exercise, they will run out quicker so your body will start to use your body (fat) as energy and you will drop body fat 

What about those guys & girls who do their cardio in body building??

Good point, so when you see the jacked guys and girls walking on the treadmill or on the incline yes they are trying to drop body fat 


Let’s not forget hey will be on the a calorie deficit, they will be upping their calories out, they will be tired and trying to retain as much muscle on their body as possible 

They pick the treadmill because it’s as little fatiguing as it get’s, it won’t impact on their strength/weight training, it won’t to an extent blunt any muscle building/retaining benefits and psychologically it’s easy 

Compare that to running which has a greater impact on losing muscle it is highly fatiguing and requires more effort, simply walking on the treadmill to create a bigger claire deficit is the winner 

How to actually fat burn…

Stay in a calorie deficit for an extended period of time

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