I Don't Have Time...

The majority of people go through life feeling rushed and not accomplishing the thing’s they want to because…

“They don't have time”

I disagree with the whole I don't have time excuse and truly believe if something was important to you, if the “why” you're doing something meant something to you, you would do it 

Saying that planning and scheduling can have a hugely positive effect to your time management

If that improves you will find yourself with a lot more time on your hands to actually do the thing’s you want 

Here are a few Time Management/Planning strategies that could help you 

Write a to do list

Sounds obvious but putting pen to paper and writing down the things you need to get done can have a huge effect on getting task’s done, need it done write it down, preferably the day before, this can be everything, gym, walking the dog, wishing dishes etc.


Prioritise your to do list, if it’s very important write a 1 by it, if it need’s doing but not right now write a 2 by it, if no one would notice this getting done write a 3 by it 

If it’s a 1 do that thing first 

If it’s a 2 do that after all the 1’s are done 

If it has a 3 by it delicate the job or just don’t do it 

Schedule your time 

Once you have a list you have numbered you list write down how long each task will take 30 mins, 1 hour it doesn't matter just write an expected time to complete by it, then…

Put it into your work schedule, write down when you're going to do each task


Go all in on that task, so that mean so no checking Facebook or Instagram or getting distracted, do it and do it to the best of your ability

You will find that going all in on something you have planned to do, you will end up getting it done faster and at a better quality 

Be proactive with your time, plan and execute  

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