Will Intermittent Fasting Solve You Fat Loss problems…

Well it can and it can’t but first what is it

Intermittent fasting has been on trend recently (as well as keto which) as another best way to solve your fat loss goals 

Intermittent fasting is where you fast for the majority of the day and have a small window to eat common combinations are 16 hours fast, 8 hours feeding or 18 hours fast, 6 hours feeding are usually the most common combinations 

Will this solve your fat loss goals?

First of all intermittent fasting like every other diet out there has its pro’s & con’s but like the rest of them doesn't bend the rules when it comes to science 

The basic’s of nutrition which apply to ALL diets if you under eat this is a calorie deficit you will lose weight if you eat more than you need this is a surplus and you will gain weight and if your energy out equals your energy in you will stay the same weight 

This is the same for intermittent fasting…

Now the good thing about intermittent fasting is that it only gives you a small window to eat and when that window is small it becomes harder to over eat and go into a calorie surplus therefore you curl actually lose body fat just because you just cant get enough food in your body in that window 

You can gain fat too

If you have poor food choices and you eat really dense foods you can certainly go over your calories in that small window and even though you're intermittent fasting, if you're breaking your fast with a large dominos side of wedges, dip and ice cream to polish it off you will certainly be in a surplus and gain fat 

However nutrition is a personal choice (science still applies to you) what nutritional preference you have might not suit someone else 

Intermittent fasting is great for those who do not like to count calories, although it can be very hazy because you don't know whether you're in a surplus or deficit, by having that small eating window it is most likely that you will stay in your deficit 

This simple thing is the scales and measurements if the scale is going the way you want if the measuring tape if going the way you want and those before an after pics are changing the ay you want you're doing the right thing, if they are not going the way you want you're not doing something right…

Intermittent fasting is just another nutritional option if it suit your lifestyle go for it

What it is not, is the latest diet crazy that burns fat 

Science still applies to you and if you're not getting the result you want you're doing something wrong…

Have a look at your own lifestyle does your diet suit it?

Are you getting the most of your food or could it be better?

Are you getting the results you want?

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