How To Get Really Strong At Squat, Bench & Deadlift

In short you should practice the skill of squat, bench & deadlift 

Strength is a skill and getting strong in a particular exercise is that skill

How do you get really good at tennis…You play tennis 

How do you get really good at golf…You play golf

Learning the technique and skill of the movement is the quickest and best way to get really strong at a particular exercise

Yes you can have accessory exercisers that will help 

You can go to the driving range to practice your drive but it wont make you win the PGA tour 

You can do all the Glute Bridges in the world and it wont make you squat 200kg

Accessory exercisers should be accessory exercises and the thing you want to get better at should be the meat and potatoes of the program 

Strength is a skill and should be practiced as one 

John CunninghamComment