Fat Loss Training Does Not Exist

Maybe touching a few nerves 


Fat Loss Training Does Not Exist 

Doing the fat burning zone on the treadmill for 20 mins a day, eating “good food” then complaining that you're not getting any results isn't fat burning 

Doing a fat burning routine from a magazine is also not helping you 

Some of you might be thinking…

What about fasted cardio

What about KETO

What about HIIT 

They all burn fat right??

The answer is they can and they can’t, if something can give you two results is it really a specific type of training???

If you're over eating but doing one of the above training sessions and you gain weight it obviously   isn't fat burning 

How can there be a specific zone?

To be honest when it comes to fat loss you can do whatever activity you like (pick one you enjoy, you will probably stick with it)

Obviously I would nudge you into doing some sort of strength training for many benefits but…

Fat burning really comes down to what you put into your mouth 

If you eat too much you can stay in the fat burning zone in the gym as much as you like you will still gain fat 

If you're eating in a calorie deficit you can do whatever training you like and the best thing bout it, it will work 

There is some training that would benefit you in the long run but really you can do whatever you like…

Long story short if you're wanting to burn fat 

Eat less, move more and be consistent for a long period of time….

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