Tracking Calories Vs Tracking Macros 

First of all why would you track in the first place…

Tracking your calories really allows you to get to know your body for the majority (like 90+ percent of all people) when it comes to gaining weight or losing weight just cokes down to how much food they are putting in their body 

If you're losing weight, you're in a calorie deficit 

If you're gaining weight, you're in a calorie surplus 

If your weight is staying the same, your calories in VS out is the same 

Tracking your calories will allow you to get to know what amount of calories make you gain weight and how much makes you lose weight 

Figures that for anyone who want’s to gain or lose weight are highly valuable 

That’s just the calories…

Tracking your macronutrients (Protein, Carbs & Fat) is the next level to tracking and will literally take you to the next level of your muscle building/fat loss goals  

But we will get into that

First of all calories are king, you can get two out of three macro numbers right in a day but if you overeat on that other macro then you will still gain weight 

Saying that if you hit all three macro numbers you will automatically hit your calories 

Macros make up your calories

Per 1g of protein is 4 calories 

Per 1g of carbs is 4 calories 

Per 1g of fat is 9 calories

What do your macros do…

Protein builds and repairs your muscle 

Carbs are your body's primary energy source 

Fat helps regulate your hormones and is your body secondary energy source 

Now technically you can still gain weight and lose weight by hitting your calories and getting your macros well off 

You could literally eat all fat and if you're in a calorie deficit you will still lose weight, you wouldn't function well but you would still lose weight

What will hitting your macros do…

Hitting your macros will allow your body to recover faster, build muscle faster, improve your cognitive function, prevent you from getting ill, fuel your workouts around a tonne other things 

Plus if you hit your macros you will automatically hit your calorie target for your goal 

So right about now you're probably thinking 

“I should start tracking my macros”

Better workouts, quicker result what could go wrong…

Practical advice 

On paper yes tracking your macros would get your results quicker but it is not for everyone 

First of all the practicality of tracking macros and your day to day life

You will have to base all meals/snacks on your macro numbers 

You also have to track 3 numbers per day compared to the one when just tracking calories 

Imagine getting to the end of the day you have hit all your fat and carbs for that day but still need to have 20g of protein then late at night you're teaching the house for the leanest protein you can find chowing down on a can of tuna 

Going out for a meal and wondering what macros make up the plate you've just ordered to hit your macros exactly 

All this information on tracking and macro tracking is great and really coming to the front of peoples minds but you have to condor your day to day life when picking a diet that suits you 

This is why flexible dieting has really picked up over the last few years (allowing you to vary you food as long as you're hitting those numbers)

A happy medium…

Many people pick a happy medium they track their calories (king) then they pick the most important macro to track (protein)

Protein is highly regarded as the most important due to the growth and repair it has on our body 

If you're wanting to lose weight having enough protein will retain the muscle on your body, while you're gaining weight enough protein will help you build muscle 

Then the rest of your diet is just made of fats and carbs depending what your prefer and what your daily activity is

Diet’s are just about personal choice 

However you can’t get away from if you're overeating you will gain weight, if you're underrating you will lose weight and hitting your macros will improve your body function 

Chose a diet that compliments your lifestyle, you can stick too (enjoy) and is geared towards your goal 

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