The Power Of Mentorship & Why You Shouldn’t Rely On Will Power…

How many times have you made a decision when you're feeling pumped, motivated and when you have the feeling that you can achieve anything

How many times have you given up on your goals when you're feeling down, depressed, unmotivated, you feel that you have more will power left 

Happens to us all you're not the first and you're certainly not the last 

Would you back yourself to do it alone?

Are you the type of person who would grind it out day after day until they get to your goal?

Whether you answer yes to those questions or having someone in your corner invested in you and someone you can look to for mentorship and guidance can get you to your goals for faster than you could every think 

The comforting feeling (I feel) that in this day and age everything has already been done before you there are very few new frontiers (unfortunately) so that if you do want to drop loads of weight, want to get a bigger total or start a business that will do well, well its already happened and been done by someone else 

Although I'm a big fan of leading your own path and being yourself, if there is a goal you want and someone has already been in your shoes and achieved it or has a great deal of experience in the field wouldn't you want some guidance 

The power of mentorship 

Having a mentor for your chosen goal is one of the best ways to get started and continue down the path to achieve your goals 

Im not saying that you then can switch off the effort, infant you would probably put more effort in, but having a mentor can guide you down the path more efficiently  than if you where going it alone and isn't that what everyone wants, better results quicker…

Having someone to be accountable for, investing finances for guidance will all push you to achieve more especially on those days when you're feeling down and will power is out the window 

After all why would you rely on will power that comes and goes as it pleases and why would you rely on your health or finances on smelting that comes and goes with no real control…

Mentors are everywhere

The biggest bug bear of finding a mentor is from those who claim they don't have the resources fro a mentor (often money is the issue) 

But you just have to look harder, we have podcasts, youtube & books and a tonne of information online that can help you achieve you're goals (again it comes don to effort)

You have heard of the saying you're the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with and I think thats true, if you wanted to be the lean guy or girl with ab’s who goes tot he gym I would invest time trying to be around those sort of people 

Working out with them, getting a coach who has coached people like that even listening to podcasts, youtube videos and books by people who you want to be like, they can be your mentors 

If you haven't got the resources get resourceful 

What every your goal is you want to achieve a combination of hard work plus the right mentors will find you ending closer to your goals…

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