Why The Way You're Training Is Holding You Back

Muscle building post for anyone who is lifting but thinking they aren't putting the muscle on that they think they should

The main point will be the way you are doing each rep but first we will go through the basic of muscle building that are the base of any type of muscle building training 

Firstly to build muscle you have to…

  • Eat in a calorie surplus (Check www.builtstrongonlinecoaching.com for posts on how to work that out)

  • Lift weights 3-5 times per week using mainly compound lifts

  • Gradually increase the stimulus either weight or volume 

  • Sleep well

  • Decrease stress 

  • Be consistent for a long time 

That is just some of the basics, before you think of any drop set or superset or whether 3x10 or 4x12 is better for muscle building

Now the main point…

How you lift the weight has a huge effect on whether you will build that muscle or even the amount of muscle you want to build

You can see it everywhere (including myself), the bro’s lifting some big weight, quarter squatting or using momentum to lift the weight or relying on an unnecessary amount of lifting equipment to lift some weight that your body really can’t cope with

This is mainly ego and trying to be the biggest gorilla in the gym…

This is where some sort of knowledge is higher valuable when you're lifting, knowing why you are doing that exercise, knowing what muscle that particular exercise works and where you are meant to be feeling it…

It’s a little to do with the mind muscle connection, and those muscle building guru’s have a point, when you're wanting to build muscle, you are meant to be able to feel that muscle when you're lifting 

For example…

We will talk about building your quads so not strength just increasing the size of them, firstly check the above list calorie surplus, compound lifts etc. make sure you're doing this 

You want to build that muscle so what exercises are you going to pick how often are you going to lift and what reps and sets you're going to do…

We could talk about reps, sets and frequency but the article is more about execution…

This is where your knowledge about lifting comes into play, you're wanting to add muscle to your quads so your most likely going to pick a high bar, heels slight elevated (lifting shoes) back squat 

It works the quads a lot more than the majority of exercises out there, front squats come pretty close but its harder to how your body in that front squat position 

Next when you're lifting the weight you have to feel it in the muscle that you're trying to work 

Doing high bar squats finishing your sets but your back is blown up and you can’t feel it in your quads?

You're most likely not working your quads it sound like your back and hips are doing most of the work

Technique in the lift has a huge effect on whether you're going to grow that muscle so performing that squat with correct technique is first and foremost the most important thing when it comes to building that muscle 

Next is make sure you are feeling it in the quads, that has a lot to do with weight

As soon as your technique breaks down you're not working the same muscle, your squat with just the bar should look pretty much the same apart from bar speed to up to about 95% of your max

Technique break down is often due to much weight on the bar & being conscious of technique and whether the right muscle is working is crucial if you're wanting to build muscle in the right areas 

Yes training should be tough but you should also train smart

Take a look at your own program…

Do you know what exercise builds what muscle?

Can you feel the muscle working during the set?

Can you feel that muscle the day after the workout?

Make sure the basics are in place, train hard but train smart, building your knowledge of training so you arena the best possible position to build muscle…

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