Build Muscle & Drop Body Fat Like This…

I want to build muscle and drop fat at the same time…

Don't we all this is the holy grail when it comes to the gym, muscle, strength & low body fat, it can be done you can be big strong and have low body fat but can it be done at the same time??

When you first get into he gym you can pretty much do that you get more efficient at lifting weights so your strength goes up, your cavity levels are higher so you start to lose body fat and you through more carbs and protein in your body so you recover well and get a few pumps, you can pretty much do it all

Then the newbie gains stop…

You might get stuck in limbo, not eating enough to cause muscle gain or not eating in that much of a deficit to drop body fat, it’s two one way streets going in opposite directions and you have to pick one

Nutrition to build muscle and drop body fat is different, to build muscle you need to be in a calorie surplus, to lose body fat you need to be in a calorie deficit 

Quick How To…

Calories (& Protein) for Muscle Building 

Body Weight (pounds) X 16 -18 = Calories Per day

Body Weight (pounds) X 1 = Grams of protein Per Day

Calories (& Protein) for Fat Lose 

Body Weight (pounds) X 10 -12 = Calories Per day

Body Weight (pounds) X 1 = Grams of protein Per Day

Use these as general starting points if you have never counted calories before, the reason why protein is included is because when growing muscle this macro nutrient will help build muscle

The reason it’s important in fat loss is because protein keeps you feel fuller for longer (good for when you're eating less) plus while you're eating less you need protein to retain the muscle on your body


Nutrition for your goal is very important, having a clear direction where you're heading is one way to stick to your goals and get to your goals 

How long to Bulk & Cut

Now this can be very subjective but there are guidelines, in theory (and time) building muscle takes longer than losing fat, plus being in a calorie surplus makes it easier to train you have surplus energy, plus much easier to constantly progress and add weight to the barbell while is important long term to gain muscle & strength…Great

While you're in a deficit training because harder you have less energy, your stress is higher it’s much harder to get stronger and keep progressing due to the lack of energy you're putting into your body

So you're most likely wanting to spend most of your training time a calorie surplus, the surplus energy and how easy it is to add weight to the barbell and the time it take stop build muscle you more or less need to stay in a surplus for longer

While dieting or cutting to lose body fat is generally easier, in theory its just eat less keep protein content high and stick to it, you will lose fat and you can generally drop a substantial amount of fat in 4 weeks 

Depending how harsh you diet either surplus or deficit will determine how quick you drop fat or build muscle, saying that there is pro’s & con’s to both (you won’t gain more muscle by smashing the calories in doing a huge surplus compared to about a 500 calorie surplus, you will just get fat) 

Pick a way, get some understanding and go for it, track stay consistent and adhere to your diet & goals


Training is mostly the easy part of this whole process here are some of the basics 

Lift consistently 3-5 times per week

Stick to compound lifts

Increase weight on the bar over time 

Lift with good technique 

Rest & recover well

Lift across all rep ranges (they all have benefits) 

Stick to your program 

Without going into to much detail about training the above is pretty much the guidelines when it comes to lifting again with everything consistency, adherence and doing the right things over and over again is the way you're going get to your goals…

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