Your Mum Was Right

Your Mum was right…

When you're growing up and your mum was always on your case about eating your greens getting your meat and potatoes in because that was going to make you big, strong and healthy 

As a 12 year old you like what does my mum know about food

All you want is chocolate, crisps, sweets

You get late into your twenties and you then realise your mum was right all along, you probably should have eaten well if you wanted to get big, strong and healthy 

The same thing goes for your training, you have to get your meat and potatoes in rather (the staple food) than the junk food that you really want 

Your meat and potatoes of training are boring but get results, things like lifting weights, tracking your food, getting good rest & sleep and constant sustainable progress 

Your junk food of training on the other hand is drop set bicep curls, quick fix diets and maxing out every session, appealing at the time but won’t really make any progress

When you get into training get the basics in then add the junk food on top

Your meat and potatoes of weight training

  1. Train whole body 3x per week

  2. Per session pick a Squat, deadlift, Upper push, upper pull & core exercise 

  3. Stick to a rep scheme ( e.g. 5x5, 3x12, 4x10)

  4. Track the weight on the bar and keep adding weight 

  5. Complete all reps and sets 

  6. Aim for constant suitable progress 

Example Session’s

Session 1

Squat 5x5 

RDL 5x5

Bench Press 5x5

Pull up 5x5

Farmer Walk 3 x Max Dist.

Session 2

Bulgarian Squat 4x12

Hip Thrust 4x12

DB Incline Press 4x12

DB Row 4x12

Weighted Plank 3 x Max Time


Bicep Curl Drop set 

Get your Meat & Potatoes in enjoy the process of training 

John Cunningham