Why Change

The reason why people want to start training is always deeper than you think

They want to look better, move better or feel better 

You start to lift weights to be better at your sport

You start to track your food so you lose body fat to look good on holiday

You gain muscle to look better

Boss but training is deeper than you think… 

Yes it’s cool to get stronger, have ab’s gain a tonne of muscle but…

Sooner or later muscle will decay, strength will decrease and the six pac will go but the way you feel about yourself will always be there

Look after yourself on the inside as well as the outside 

It’s easy to get down and negative about yourself especially now days where everyone is glued to social media and everyone seems to be doing better than you

Everyone seems stronger, leaner, more muscular and happier than you

That can lead to self doubt, negativity and leave you feeling you cannot accomplish anything…

There is nothing worse than someone who doesn't realise the power they have to control their happiness and the way they think about themselves  

Yes get stronger, lose body fat gain muscle because it’s cool


Do the things you enjoy

Help people 

Be nice to people 

Influence people in a positive way 

Don’t fear the judgment of others 

Stay away from people who drag you down 

Give more than you receive

Do more things you enjoy

The way you feel on the outside is more important than how you look in the mirror or your bench PB, train to improve the inside, the outside is just a by product

John CunninghamComment