Training Fundamentals

Training Fundamentals 

Progressive Overload 

One of the main questions people ask when it comes to improving strength and muscle mass is whats the best way to do it…

Now we are all on programs that focus on compound lifts and calories and macro nutrient targets that suit your goals this combined with other factors will set you up for success 

One of those training fundamentals key for muscle growth and strength is progressive overload 

Which simply means over a period of time gradually up the volume of training you are doing so your body has to adapt then get bigger and stronger 

Now that doesn't mean testing very lift you do and go to your max every week

It means over time either the amount of weight on the bar slowly increase or the amount of reps or sets increases 

Progressive overload is important in every weight session you do thats why its so important to track everything you lift, not just your max set 

Now some of the programs increase in volume for example one week you are doing 8 reps the next 10 this will take care of itself if you have stuck to the same weight 

Some programs decrease in volume for example one week you lift 8 reps the next 6 reps this is where you will need to up your weights 

If the sets and reps stay the same for example 5 sets of 5 reps and week one you lift 50kgs the next at least one set needs to be higher even if the last set was done at 52.5kg 

If you don not gradually upping the amount of volume in your session you will not improve after all if nothing changes nothing changes 

Training fundamentals, track everything you lift and always strive for slightly heavier weight 

Common question…

What if one week you're tired and can’t lift the weight…

Do not worry about it your body gets used to what you do over a long period of time, so if over that long period of time you have upped your weight every week one week where you are feeling tired and take an easy session will not make a huge difference just take it slightly easier get some rest eat some good food, recover and get back on track next session 

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