The Perfect Training Plan

The Perfect Training Plan 

When everyone gets into training it’s automatic people want the best program to follow 

After all the best program will give the best results right


The perfect program is subjective I’m sure Ronnie Coleman’s perfect plan would be far different to someone who has never set foot in the gym’s before 

The want for the perfect training plan can lead to a tonne of program hoping where you never really stick to anything then wonder why you haven't changed in the last 6 months 

The perfect program is easier than you think

The majority of muscle gain comes from just turning up and trying hard…

So before you think about reps, sets, exercise selection, meal timing, sleep or the amount of protein you're eating you just need to turn up 

Gaining muscle is pretty easy if you walk into the gym pick an exercise and just try hard and keep doing that your body will adapt, you will quickly realise your body will get hungry from lifting weights and you will eat more, you just have to keep that up 

Your muscles don't know what type of stress it’s under it just knows it is under stress so whether you go in and do some squats or you go straight to the leg extension, that quad muscle just knows it’s under stress so will grow

The usual argument is that aren't squats greater for muscle gain because it is a compound movement…

True, it is a compound movement but that doesn't mean you need to do it your quads will still grow on the leg extension 

As long as you pick an exercise and push yourself to the near limit you will adapt 

Now if you're well and truly into training yes you will need more structure but unless you're about to step on stage gaining muscle and strength firstly is just about turning up and putting the effort in

If you're looking for the perfect program but then again you know you don't really put 100% effort into the gym do you really need a perfect program? 

You probably just need to try harder

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