Muscle Gain For Hard Gainers 

Muscle Gain For Hard Gainers 

Gaining muscle is a tough long journey

Time, dedication and doing the right things over and over again is part of the process 

The right things can be overshadowed by click bait blogs calming the latest diet or workout will get you jacked in the next 4 weeks or even the latest supplement can pack on muscle in a matter of days making it sound like the best option for those hard gainers

For those that our hard gainers or finding gaining weight a tough task here is a tick list to gaining muscle…

  1. Get a starting point, take some measurements, before photos etc.

  2. Set Calories & Protein target 

  3. Stick to a legit workout routine, 3-5 sessions per week (whole body) focusing on compound lifts sticking to a structured rep scheme 

  4. Train hard and increase the volume of weight lifted every week (newbies) no excuses don't miss sessions 

  5. Rest well, don't neglect your sleep, quality of food and rest 

  6. Stick to the structure/routine for 4 weeks 

  7. Take some measurements again

  8. Adjust calories, workouts you need for the next 4 weeks depending on the results you get

  9. Repeat over and over again 

John Cunningham