Expectation Management

Expectation Management 

One of the main reason’s people fall of the wagon when it comes to making a change in their life is that they expect better results than they got

A lot of people have the expectation when they diet for 4 weeks go the gym and “try” to get in shape that they will get amazing results 

Reality is that those 4 weeks won’t make a dent into the last 5 years you spent not training or eating right 

Same goes for most things not just the gym, business, relationships, projects you probably stop because you think you should be getting better results than you are actually getting 

You get less interested, maybe feel like you've been hard done by and eventually you give up

Take a look at the effort you are giving 

Does it deserve the success you say you want 

Align your efforts with your expectations you will know exactly where you stand 

Don’t pretend you're giving the effort to warrant success you say you want 

Work hard and don't give excuses about why you cant work hard, if you're not working hard enough admit it’s not that important to you 

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