Diet’s that really help you drop body fat

Diet’s that really help you drop body fat



Flexible Dieting 


Weight Watchers 


Low Fat 



Plant Based 

McDonalds/Dominos/Doughnut Diet (the most fun one)

They all really work, there is no special diet that works better than another

Keto isn't better than carnivore for losing fat and vice versa and you can still lose fat eating McDonalds everyday 

Each diet can and will work there is just some simple rules to follow…

If you put more food in your body than you need you will get fat

If you put the same amount of food in your body as the energy going out you will stay the same 

If you put less food in your body than the energy your body is using you will lose weight 

Before you start smashing double cheeseburgers…

All these diets will work and your diet should fit for you and your lifestyle, not because big bab's from down the road lost 2 stone on the 5:2 avoid carbs, no fats after 8pm diet and now preaches diet advice 

If you want to build a strong muscular lean body, your probably going to want to consider the nutrients you're putting into your body

Are you having enough high quality protein?

Are you having enough carbs to fuel your activity?

Are you eating enough fats for regular hormone production?

Most importantly are you eating the right amount of calories for the goal you have? 

Eat nutrient dense foods that your body will recover well and grow from and avoid energy spikes that have huge come downs 

Enjoy your food, pick a diet that suits you your lifestyle and your goals 

And remember if the diet hasn't worked it’s not the diets fault and you're not special you just didn't do it properly 

Calories for the win stop taking diet advice from your neighbour

John Cunningham