Every knows this is the most important thing when it comes to training

Still there is a tonne of information mainly people arguing about what diet is better than the other diet how people can get the results quicker than the person next to them 

There is a tonne of diets out there and really every single diet rely’s on the same principals 

If you eat a little bit less you will lose weight 

The types of food, when you eat what ever calorie counting or point scoring system relies on that

Now when people find it hard to change their body shape and come up with the classic

“That diet doesn't work for me”

“That food makes me bloat”

blah blah…

Each diet just requires a little effort 

The type of diet you like is up to you

So there is no right diet for anyone everyone is an individual and prefers different food so go with that just because Rita from down the road did the latest diet and lost a stone in a month doesn't mean you will, eat the way you like to eat…

The basics of diet’s 

If you eat less than you need (deficit) you will lose weight 

If you eat more than you need (surplus) you will gain weight 

If you eat in a maintenance you will stay the same 

The types of food you eat, is completely up to you 


If your calorie counting and your deficit is 1500cals per day if you eat 3 slices of dominoes you have eaten all your food for that day so you will probably get better at making food choices so you can eat throughout the day 

They better quality food you eat like lean meats, fats, fruits, vegetables and quality sources of carbs you will most likely have energy throughout the day no peaks of crashes your recovery will be faster your digestive system will be quicker and generally feel better 

That doesn't mean you have to eat clean the whole time enjoy the food you like have your doughnuts and pizza the most important thing is the calories in Vs calories out

Your body gets used to what you do over a long period of time, if you eat like sh*t your will probably look like sh*t, if you eat like and athlete you will probably look like one as always one good meal doesn't make you look great and one bad meal doesn't make you gain fat  

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