The Lean Bulk


It’s more of a mind game than you originally thought right

You think its simple lift big eat more gain muscle look boss…simple 


No one really talks about the mental game that comes with it

You want to gain muscle you have read some stuff you get the basics, calorie surplus, compound lifts, progressive overload, sleep well etc. easy 

You get 4 weeks into it and you start developing a little muffin top, your abs start to disappear, your partner maybe pokes fun at you for being a “fatty” or looking a little soft, you panic forge the bulk go on a little cut then repeat, happens to us all at some point 

No one gave you the brief before the bulk of feeling fatter, not feeling good in your own skin, getting a little fun poked at you

Next time you might even decide to “lean bulk”

A lean bulk for those who do not know is lifting weights as normal but your on a very little calorie surplus so fat gain is no minimal and your hoping for 100% lean gains 

So this is why it’s not a good idea…

So yes you have to be in a calorie surplus to gain muscle if you're only just in a calorie surplus this can have a negative effect on your ability to grow muscle 

First of all the time it will take, gaining muscle takes a long time and if you're only in a slight calorie surplus it will be slower and longer, say you take measurements to see your progress every 6-8 weeks to see if your diet/training is working you take some measurements and realise you are exactly the same as 8 weeks ago the slight calorie surplus you where on turns out to be maintenance and you have achieved nothing in the last 2 months 

The accuracy you have to take is far more challenging, say you have carefully figured out over the last 6 months your calorie maintenance so you go slightly above that

That make if you miss a meal for any reason a huge difference to your end goal because that careful calorie surplus  you worked out has just become a deficit because you missed one meal, you're now losing weight 

When you're only a bigger calorie surplus it’s much easier and faster to see your body making a difference 

That makes making differences to your training/diet much easier over time, being on a lean bulk will make the process a lot slower and much harder to see if you're actually improving  

Take your ego away, yes you may gain a little unwanted body fat for a few months but in the long run you're going to gain the muscle you have been wanting too 

John CunninghamComment