Winter Gains

Use the holiday season to the best of your ability

You don't have to go topless for a long time, there a more parties, you start eating more food, maybe you start to get a little fluffy around the edges 

That’s all good, think of yourself as an animal that hibernates right before you don't see them for the whole of winter they eat and eat an get as large as possible 

That’s what you should do…

Gaining muscle is more of a mind game than you think, yes you have to eat in a calorie surplus so you will inevitably gain a little bit of fat, more often than not people all of the gain train because there abs start to disappear, maybe you get a little abuse form the other half for going fat so they have a mini melt down and go back on a cut

You go from a sort of bulk to a cut so much your body doesn't have time to gain muscle 


Winter gives you a perfect opportunity to gin full calorie surplus for 3-4 months without the fear of a “tops off” situation 

Yes you probably should explain to your loved ones you might look a little “fuller” for a few months but not to worry when the sun rolls out you will be good to go

Your body needs a fairly long time for it to gain muscle, so that means a fairly long time in a calorie surplus, commit to the bulk…

Here are some must do’s when you're bulking this winter:

Keep tracking your food, a bulk is not an excuse to get mega fat and make poor eating habits 

Up the volume of your weight training, muscle loves volume so get those reps in 

Take regular measurements, you want to make sure this bulk/training is working 

Set an end goal/date you need to have an end date other wise a constant bulk just gets to much 

Enjoy eating a little more than you need remember how hard you will have to diet once spring rolls round

Keep consistent & adhere to your program/diet

Use the seasons to your advantage 

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