What Has Happened To Body Building Splits?

What’s Happened To Body Building Splits?

Chest & Triceps Monday 

Back & Biceps Tuesday 

Etc. etc.

We've all heard of these training splits probably after watching pumping iron & why wouldn't you the guys where huge and a lot of them thats what they did 

Why nowadays are people leaning sightly away from that to build muscle…

First of all a lot of those guys didn't get to that size sticking to single body parts on strict days, many just accumulated a tonne of volume on all body parts very frequently over a long period of time before going for the body building split 

The problem with body building splits 

You only train that body part once per week & the problem with that is that yes you might hammer that body part in that one session but then to give it 6 days rest until you hit it again is just too long for people to cause an adaptation, you will just get dead sore constantly without actually growing 

If you miss a session you really miss out, because you only train a body part once per week if you have to miss a session thats a huge time away from training that muscle group 

Muscle gain is linked to volume of weight lifted, the amount of valuable working sets from one session isn't very high for most people, the majority of people could only probably 3-8 working sets at good weight and be completely smoked after that

Say you're doing squats in the body building split you complete 8 working sets, so you have done 8 working sets that week on squats compare that to whole body sessions where say you might do 3 sets of squats in one session but then you have 4 sessions that week and you do 3 working sets in each of those sessions you have just done 12 working sets that week

We know volume if key to muscle building and you have just done more working set that week doing whole body sessions compared to ruining your legs in that one off session 

Whole body sessions are a good way to make sure you have enough weekly volume to create muscle growth, one of the best things about whole body sessions is that you can also keep the intensity high through all your working sets, because you are only doing 3 sets per workout and are having a day or so rest in between that us plenty of time to rest up recover keep the weight high and cause a strength adaptation 


There is more than one way to build muscle, whole body Vs body building splits is just a small part of the same puzzle, do what suits you & your lifestyle and what you enjoy, the people that can constantly do the right things over a long period of time are the ones that will build the most muscle 

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