Muscle Building Secrets...That Are Not Secrets

Everyone want’s to learn the newest and best muscle building secrets…

The latest supplement 

The latest diet 

The latest program 

That will all pack on size and getting you looking as big and strong as you want…

Trouble is there is no real secrets 

Muscle building hasn't really changed for a very very long time, the things that worked 50 years ago still work today 

However telling you to work hard in the gym isn't the most entertaining blog so here are some muscle building secret that are NOT secrets…

The More Sleep The Better

This is an obvious one yet so many forget how important it is, it is all well and good “smashing” the gym but recovery has a huge part to play when it comes to packing on size

It’s true muscles are not made in the gym they are made in your sleep and quality sleep at that

Not to mention poor sleep releases hormones in your body that are not good for gaining muscle (or losing body fat for that matter) if you limit your sleep you limit your gains 

Quality Foods 

But what about the dirty bulk…

Yes you guys are right you can gain a tonne of muscle going on a dirty bulk you will also gain a tonne of fat, now we all know to gain muscle you have to be in a calorie surplus, thats a give in but the quality of your foods can dictate the quality of your training, recovery, sleep & stress 

Old school saying but you wouldn't put poor quality food in your brand new car why would you put bad quality foods in your body

The dirt bulk isn't worth the fat gain, elevated stress levels, poor recovery and low energy gym sessions 

Eat like a king, lean meats, fresh fruit & veg, good fats and carbs that will sustain the energy levels in your body 

You know that donut isn't helping you 

Compound Exercises & Progressive Overload 

Again obvious but very important

Compound movements are multi joint multi muscle exerciser that require larger amount son muscle to move the weight things like squats, deadlifts, presses etc stick to them 

The thing that quite a few miss out is tracking your weight and upping your volume, this is massive when it comes to gaining size

If you go to the gym and bench 50 kg 5x5 and thats what you do every week, every month your going to get real good at benching 50kg for 5x5 and nothing more

our body adapts to the stimulus you give it, in order for your body to grow you constantly need to give it a new stimulus for it to get bigger and bigger, the amount of weight on the bar does this

+++Fine Print+++

That is not to say max out every week and try and beat your last score, just slightly bump up the weight of your working sets over a long period of time 

A small amount of weight on the barbell can have a huge effect on total weight moved in the session, increase in volume = new stimulus 

Consistency & Adherence 

Program hoping, skipping on your diet is a quick way to achieve nothing, just stick to the plan doing a month of “hard” diet and training isn't enough to change the past 5 years of the opposite of that give it a few years 

Truth is muscle building in my opinion is all about gaining the right type of knowledge putting it into practice and being consistent everyday 

It requires loads of effort and repeating the right things day in day out 

Find out what works and keep doing that 

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