Training To Failure

💪 When The Reps Get Tougher You Start Counting  

🔥 A  study Dr Carl Juneau suggests that reps closer to failure are better for building muscle.

📈 The study took two groups of people and put the through different programs, ones who trained with only 3-5 reps in reserve per set and the other that worked with sets with 10 reps in reserve 

🏋 The group who worked closer to failure built more muscle than the group who had a lot left in the tank

🔥 Training closer to failure produces more metabolic stress which has been shown to have an effect on muscle growth 

❌ Before everyone goes off and trains to failure notice that the study was done close to failure and not ever working set to failure, training to failure isn't more of an advantage when it comes to muscle building the extra muscle damage that comes with training to failure only results in longer periods of recovery time so we cannot train as frequently 

🏆 So if your goal is to put on muscle, you should train close to failure

The Study: Goto et al. The impact of metabolic stress on hormonal responses and muscular adaptations.

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