Your Daily Tick List

Get in shape, gain muscle, drop body fat, have more time to do the things you want to do in life through a daily check list 

Split your day up and get the things you want to achieve done, physical, business & personal


Physical Check List 

  • Gym, 1 hour 

  • Track Caloires and Macros 

  • Hit 10,000 step count 

  • Sleep 6 hours 

Business Check List

  • Task that will move your business forward 1 hour

  • Task that will improve your customer experience 1 hour

  • Daily tasks your business needs (payments, emails etc.) 1 hour 

Personal Check List 

  • Read 30 mins

  • Meditate 10-15mins 

  • Spend time with partner 

  • Gratitude Task 5 mins 

By splitting your day up adding tasks and putting a time cap on three it allows you to schedule your day better, any area in life you want to improve has to have a game plan, whether that is personal development, improving your health or business plan for it, schedule it and go all in on the task

One of the main killers of productivity is distractions and not having clear goals, plan the day before so you know what you want to achieve the next day, go all in on the task in hand 

Make time for the things you want to achieve

Get a plan, get a list, complete the list, small constant progress everyda

John Cunningham