Stop Snoozing The Alarm Clock

Getting in great shape is easy…

In theory

It is not secret a calorie deficit will get you to drop body fat  

It is not secret lifting weights will make you stronger

It is not a secret the more consistent you ar the more accurate you are the quicker you will get results

So why is everyone who want’s to be in shape not in great shape…

You have to stop pressing the snooze button

Everyone has a vision of getting in shape, gaining muscle and looking, feeling great 

It’s an easy thing to feel when you're pumped & motivated but then your alarm goes off at 5-6am and that snooze button looks really good

Get up and get to work 

If you’re pressing the snooze button you're choosing to delay your day before getting up and working towards the goals you say you want

You need to start your day on purpose with purpose 

That doesn't mean you just have to not press the snooze button it comes from the day before, you have to be proactive with your day so you can get to the gym, spend time with your partner, eat good food, make good choices, work harder and become a more productive human…

Yes it is effort but then if your goal is to become a successful, happy, lean, strong human your actions have to align with that

Win the day, planning is everything 

Start the night before

Stop looking at your phone an hour before bed

Write a to do list of 3-5 things the night before of the knot important things you need to complete that next day

Set the alarm and go to sleep

Get up when the alarm goes off and start your day with purpose 

Start well, eat something good, get hydrated and get your S++t done, whether that is an early gym session, working on your business etc.

Then get to work on the things you need to accomplish…

Now you may be thinking what has this got to do with getting in shape 

The more organised you are the more prepared you are the more time you have to go to the gym, start meal prepping getting the things done and doing the things you want to do in life comes from the discipline you have 

Wake up with purpose on purpose and stop pressing the snooze button, get your s++t done 

John CunninghamComment