When it comes to building muscle there are a few things you have to do…

Sleep well

Eat in a calorie surplus 

Lift weights 

Manage stress 

Simple do all these things well and you will gain muscle mass, nothing fancy just hard work and consistency


Sometimes you don't read the fine print 

Your body get’s used to what stimulus you give it, for example if you Bench 50kg and you do 5x5 every week at that weight your body will be come really good at benching 50kg for 5x5, it will build enough muscle and strength to be able to do that 

Now if the stimulus doesn't change/increase how will your body know to get bigger and stronger?

It won’t 

Do this…

You have two options when it comes to gaining muscle mass 

Over time you have to increase the amount of weight on the barbell or do more reps with the same weight, your body will adapt to the increase in stimulus and as long as the other areas (stress, sleep, food) are all ok you will pack on the pounds

Your body just needs to increase the stimulus it is given over time to adapt and add muscle 


Option 1: More weight to the barbell 

Week 1

5x5 Back Squat @100kg 

Week 2

5x5 Back Squat @ 102.5kg 

Week 3

5x5 Back Squat @ 105kg

Option 2: More reps with the same weight 

Week 1

3x6 Back Squat @100kg 

Week 2

3x8 Back Squat @ 100kg 

Week 3

3x10 Back Squat @ 100kg

Both are great examples of how you can increase the stimulus in your weight training and start to add muscle 

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