Create Processors that get you towards your goal 

Goals are important & should be big 

The problem with big goals is that they seem so far away

Big goals are often not attainable in the near future nor should they be they should be big things that will push you out of the comfort zone and take a great deal of effort to achieve 

Often daily tasks seem insignificant towards the big goals so it’s easier to miss a session here and there or not quite finish your work off 

Break down the goals and make processors that gets you towards your goals 

Then all you have to do everyday is go through the processors complete them everyday and you will take one step closer towards your big goals 

Small consistent steps everyday is the most important thing when it comes to achieving your goals 

For example:

Big Goal: In one year from today I want to add 2kg of muscle 

(The goal is specific and has an end date-very important)

Break the goal down:

To add 2kg of muscle you are probably going to need to:

  • Take some starting measurements & then regular ones to keep you on track

  • Set a calorie surplus 

  • Lift weights 3 times per week

  • Manage sleep 

  • Manage stress

Break down that to daily tasks 

  • Gym 

  • Sleep 6 hours

  • Hit 2500calories/180g Protein (Example)

  • Mediate to de stress 

Breaking down your big goal into smaller weekly even daily tasks can make getting towards that big goals even easier the daily tasks list from the example makes it seem a lot easier to get to your goal than just saying I want to gain 1kg of muscle in a year 

Set big goals & create a process to get towards them 

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