Does Muscle Soreness Cause Bigger Muscles  

In short…NO, muscle soreness does not mean you will get bigger muscles 

How often do you hear people say it is not working because I'm not sore…

Muscles soreness specifically DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) you normally experience 24-72 hours after a workout 

Everyone can be effected differently form a workout, someone might get DOMS from a workout wheel a different person might not get DOMS but that doesn't mean that the person who didn't get DOMS won’t gain muscle 

Muscle growth is much more dependent on mechanical overload, metabolic stress with adequate nutrition & recovery 

DOMS in fact has been shown to reduce muscle performance in the days after you lift weights meaning that if your goal is to put on muscle size and we know that volume has a huge impact on muscle size but if you can’t lift weight’s again because you're too sore means that you won’t be putting on muscle 

Optimal recovery plus a sound lifting regime is the key to developing muscle, muscle soreness is a very poor indication you are going to put on muscle 

In short DOMS will happen, they do not indicate your going to grow muscle, volume, recovery, progressive overload is more important when it comes to building muscle 

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