Compound Vs Isolation Exercises For Muscle & Strength Gain

Compound Exercises

Multi joint multi muscle movements heavier bigger movements

For example Deadlift, Squat, Bench Press

Isolation Exercises

Single joint single muscle exercises usually machine based lighter loads

For example Bicep Curl, Leg Extension, Hamstring Curl

Many study’s have showed that those who train with compound exercises usually experience greater strength and size gains

This is because the compound exercises use heavier weights (bigger strength gain) and multiple muscles to complete the exercises (mass gains)

However that doesn’t mean that you should not do Amy isolation exercises

Isolation exercises allow you to get more volume into a specific muscle plus are less taxing on the body allowing for quicker recovery

For optimal strength & mass gains your training program should mainly be made of compound exercises with extra isolation exercises done to bring up areas that need improving

John CunninghamComment