What you can learn from nerds playing video games when it comes to building muscle 

Not talking reps or sets in this one but hang in their 

The usual muscle building strategy, you set a new goal, you dive head first into that new goal

Buying the latest gym gear, supplements diving into a 6 day a week program

The effort is great but never lasts, you go from nothing to training like a pro body builder, the inevitable happens, results are slow, motivation waivers then you stop

What we can learn from nerdy video games…

You wouldn't start a game then go to level 50 in the first week fighting the big boss, first of all you don't know how to play the game, your “character” hasn't got the skills to fight the boss and you have not earned being there, this is the equivalent of training like Arnie in week one

The first few levels of a game is always some dull activities like collecting coins or making things that will help you in later levels, think of this as creating your good habits turning up to the gym 3x per week and tracking your food

The middle levels are always harder maybe you fight some sub level boss you get to explore more area of the game because you have collected coin

This is like going to the gym consistently for a few years tracked your food now little tweaks come in, progressively overloading the weight on the bar and now you're levelling up managing your sleep and stress better so you can build more muscle 

The later levels are when you have to worry about meal timing, micro-nutrients etc. but thats when your ready to step on a body building stage, play to your level

When you start playing a video game you know you have to earn your way to the final level doing little tasks along the way to get you there

As the levels get harder you level up your “character” to cope with the new challenges 

The same goes for muscle building when you start lifting you probably just need to go to the gym 2-3 times per week, a few years later you may need to go 3-5 times per week track your weights, food and manage your sleep

You just have to level up, you don't just start lifting like Arnie on day 1 because you watched Pumping Iron that one time 

Muscle building takes time, gradually level up the effort you put in and learn a few things from those guys and girls playing video games 

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