Rest Times For Muscle Growth

Rest Times 💥

Very important when it comes muscle gain 💪

Firstly your need two main things when it comes to building muscle...

1️⃣ Mechanical Tension (Heavy Lifting)

2️⃣ Metabolic Stress (Volume)

Mechanical stress naturally needs longer rest times when your lifting heavy weights you will need a longer amount of time to recover anywhere between 2-5 Mins⏰

Metabolic Stress you don’t need that long a rest usually this is higher Rep sets (8-15) so rest is usually shorter anywhere between 30sec-2mins ⏰

💥Important 💥

Although rest time between sets is highly valued for muscle growth we know they key driver for muscle gain is the amount of volume so if a shorter rest is leading you not to complete the sets take longer rest⏰

Complete all your working sets volume is more important than rest when it comes to gaining muscle 💪

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